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“Chris Hoofnagle has written the definitive book about the FTC’s involvement in privacy and security. This is a deep, thorough, erudite, clear, and insightful work – one of the very best books on privacy and security.”

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“A landmark work for anyone interested in privacy or consumer protection law.”

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“This well-written, comprehensive history of the Federal Trade Commission shows once again the primary importance the agency has played in shaping the regulatory environment of the United States. It is essential reading for anyone who deals regularly with the FTC, and is a good primer for those coming in contact with the agency for the first time. Clear, thoughtful and engaging.”

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“A timely and insightful analysis of the FTC as a key actor in protecting information privacy. The historical context provides a solid basis for Hoofnagle’s well-supported policy recommendations.”

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“A welcome perspective on challenges facing a great agency designed to “rein in” the American market.”

[/fusion_testimonial][fusion_testimonial name=”Aaron Burstein” avatar=”none” image=”” image_border_radius=”” company=”Partner, Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP” link=”” target=”_self”]

“Hoofnagle masterfully distills and concentrates the major steps in the development of the FTC’s consumer protection authority…This is a serious work of historical scholarship.”

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“This book offers a fascinating, informed exploration into the dangers of the Internet and the problems and potentials of the FTC in effectively dealing with them. It is well worth our attention.”

[/fusion_testimonial][fusion_testimonial name=”Astra Taylor” avatar=”none” image=”” image_border_radius=”” company=”Author of The People’s Platform” link=”” target=”_self”]

“Chris Hoofnagle has done an enormous public service by writing a comprehensive and critical guide to the Federal Trade Commission’s consumer protection efforts, which started over a century ago in reaction to a changing economy and industrialization […] we could not ask for a better primer than this incisive and informative book.

[/fusion_testimonial][fusion_testimonial name=”Dee Pridgen” company=”Professor of Law, University of Wyoming” avatar=”none”]”Chris Hoofnagle has put together an impressive, authoritative and useful treatise on the law of consumer privacy in the U.S. and the role of the Federal Trade Commission.  This book is an excellent read for all those interested in consumer privacy, and should prove to be a valuable resource for years to come.”

[/fusion_testimonial][fusion_testimonial name=”Spencer Weber Waller” company=”Professor of Law, Loyola University Chicago School” avatar=”none”]”This book succeeds as a work of history, a deep analysis of law and institutions, and advocacy for a better regime for the key issue of our times.”[/fusion_testimonial]

[fusion_testimonial name=”Alessandro Mantelero” company=”Professor of Private Law and of Innovation & International Transactions Law at the Polytechnic University of Turin” avatar=”none”]…Through his analysis of the role played by the courts, Congress, and the Commission itself, he illustrates the doctrines and dynamics that have contributed to shaping this agency. This makes the book a valuable tool for European privacy experts who wish to better understand the US regulatory approach to privacy protection and understand how political and social forces have affected the powers given to the Commission.[/fusion_testimonial]

[fusion_testimonial name=”Bilyana Petkova” company=”Max Weber Fellow, European University Institute” avatar=”none”]…Overall, Chris Hoofnagle’s Federal Trade Commission Privacy Law and Policy is a fascinating read and a treasure trove of useful references for further research.[/fusion_testimonial]

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Federal Trade Commission Privacy Law and Policy (FTCPL&P) is my 2016 book on the FTC.  It is really two books. The first part details the agency’s consumer protection history from its founding, and in so doing, it sets the context for the FTC’s powers and how it is apt to apply them. The book has an institutional analysis discussing the internal dynamics that shape agency behavior. It details how the FTC policed advertising with treatments of substantiation, the Chicago School debates, the problem of advertising to children, and the Reagan revolution. The second part of the book explains the FTC’s approach to privacy in different contexts (online privacy, security, financial, children’s, marketing, and international). One thesis of the book is that the FTC has adapted its decades of advertising law cases to the problem of privacy. There are advantages and disadvantages to the advertising law approach, but do understand that if you are a privacy lawyer, you are really an advertising law lawyer 🙂

FTCPL&P has been reviewed in the Journal of Economic Literature, the ABA Antitrust Source, the European Data Protection Law Review, World Competition, and the International Journal of Constitutional Law.


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