How to Read FTCPL&P Without Paying for It

Much of my book is available free or at low cost.

The lowest cost option for purchasing is Google Play, which sells it for only $20.

You can read the print book free at over 115 academic libraries.

If you are a faculty member or student at an academic institution, you might have a subscription to Cambridge Books Online, which enables you to download a PDF of the entire book.

The introduction, which gives an overview of the entire book, is available free on SSRN.

Now that it is 6 months from publication, I have posted chapter 6 (online privacy) which is probably the book’s most useful chapter, on SSRN.

An essay on the FTC’s early history (drawn from Chapter 1) is here.

An essay on the Bureau of Economics is on SSRN.

An essay on assessments is on SSRN.