Despite teaching in a professional program, I’ve had the chance to mentor some graduate students, including:

  • Zehra Betul Ayranci, Berkeley PhD, Fox Sports
  • James Carney, Joanne Jia, Archana Kulkarni, Cameron Lopez, PrivacyBot Capstone Project (Information)
  • Amit Elazari Bar On, head of global cybersecurity, Intel
  • Grace Gordon, Master of Development Practice
  • Arianne  Jimenez, Privacy and Public Policy Manager Facebook APAC
  • Aniket Kesari, Yale/Berkeley JD/PhD
  • Irene Kamara, Standardising data protection: a European perspective in an interconnected world, Tilburg University (Netherlands)
  • Sam Kumkar, EECS
  • Morgan Livingston, ISF
  • Sylvia Lu, Law
  • Rachna Mandalam, ISF
  • Nicole van der Meulen, EC3
  • Nikita Samarin, EECS
  • Ankeet Shankar, Capstone Project (Information)
  • Bart van der Sloot, Tilburg University
  • Ashkan Soltani, privacy/security researcher

In addition to these students, with Dean Shankar Sastry, I was Co-PI of a program (TRUST SITE REU) with a goal to increase diversity in graduate STEM programs. We hosted scores of undergraduates at Cal, and in some cases, I published papers with these students, including Mika Ayenson (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory), Shannon Canty, Quentin Mayo, and Lauren Thomas.