Probably yes.

Graduate students, you can enroll if my course has a non-Law prefix, such as Info.

Undergraduate students, you can enroll in INFO (but not LAW) courses with permission. To obtain permission, email me the following information. I typically enroll undergraduates after the graduate registration period.

1. I am an upper-division student [Yes/No]

2. What year?

3. I understand and accept that this is a graduate-level class, with graduate-level materials and pacing. [Yes/No]

4. I understand and accept that participation in class discussion is expected, even if the class is larger than most undergraduate courses that expect this (in grad and law school classes, for example, students participate in discussion in 50-100-person classes). [Yes/No]

5. I would like to take this class because: [Please tell us why you would like to take the class.]

6. I would contribute to this class because: [Please tell us why you would contribute to the class. For example, your major is relevant to topics in the class; you are doing an undergrad thesis on a relevant topic; you worked on relevant issues prior to coming to Berkeley; etc.]