Chris Jay Hoofnagle

I have focused my career upon the special problems facing consumers in the information economy.  Consumers are expected to protect themselves in a complex and dynamic marketplace.  Information-intensive companies are organized, sophisticated, even inscrutable, and are actively attempting to shape consumers’ expectations and attitudes, and these entities increase their power to sort consumers as more information is collected about individuals.

I hold a dual appointment as full adjunct professor in the School of Information and in the School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley, which I teach full time. I also serve on boards to two companies, 4iQ (cybersecurity intelligence) and Palantir Technologies. On my “consulting day,” I am of counsel to Gunderson Dettmer LLC.


102 South Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720
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Chris Hoofnagle
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You can find my current curriculum vitae here (local copy).